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WCF, Linq To Sql and SQL Image Type

Today I’m working on an endpoint for a Northwind demo.  The endpoint is UpdateEmployee and the problem I’m running into is that the Employee Table in Northwind has a field called Photo defined as an Image.
Since the constructor for System.Data.Linq.Binary can take a Byte[], I created my data contract as follows.

[DataContract(Name = "Employee")]

public class Employee



int? _employeeId;;


byte[] _photo;


DataMember(IsRequired = false, Name = "Photo", Order = 70)]


DataMember(IsRequired = false, Name = "EmployeeId", Order = 0)]

public int? EmployeeId


get { return _employeeId; }

set { _employeeId = value; }


public byte[] Photo


get { return _photo; }

set { _photo = value; }


Then in my CRUD function

if (employee.Photo != null && employee.Photo.Length > 0)


dalEmployee.Photo =

new System.Data.Linq.Binary(employee.Photo);


There are some other things I’m sure I’m going to have to account for but this should be a good starting point for anybody having trouble.

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